Solid Wood Dining Tables

One of the most important areas in a house is the dining area. A space where the family comes together for meals, to spend time together; a space for celebration, for connection and one that symbolises happiness. The focal point of this dining space is always the dining table. 

Solid wood dining tables have been the most common type of dining table seen throughout the ages. Planks of wood joined together to create various shapes – rectangular, round, oval and more recently even organic shapes. Most dining tables have some element of solid wood in them, be it the legs, the top or the whole dining table itself. 

The perfectly designed natural wood dining table fits in the space well, providing the number of seats required for the family. Styles can range from traditional to contemporary to rustic, even amalgamating all these styles to create a custom style just for your space. At, we love designing a good dining table that will stand the test of time as well as provide you and your family the perfect vessel for some of the most important times of the day – meal times. We have designed a variety of solid wood dining tables – from the simple Le Dejeuner table that has metal accents to our organic Olly dining table which has a sculptural form and draws attention to it. We have four seater dining tables like Boh – a circular table with interesting leg joinery, and have even collaborated with Ishinomaki Laboratory to make their signature Kobo table. 

We as a leading manufacturer of solid wood furniture in India ensure that the crafting of the table leads to a long life and that the table is strong for generations to come. Our skilled craftsmen create interesting joinery that are sure to make your solid wood dining table a topic of conversation with all your visitors. 

Solid wood dining tables are definitely a luxury, and do require a little additional maintenance if you choose to have a solid wood top. It is advisable for the luxury wood dining tables to be placed away from direct sunlight and to be mindful that sharp objects at the bottom of the crockery do not drag against the table. That being said, the tables are easy to clean with a damp or dry cloth, and can last for years and years with a little maintenance. To combat these issues, we can also use a stone top, or leather panelling in the centre to make it easier to clean. 

In conclusion, we urge you to reach out to us to know more about the ways in which you can create an impact in your home using solid wood dining tables. Be it a breakfast counter or a luxury wood dining table, we at can create pieces in any language to beautify your space while giving you a product that is built to last.


Dining sets can start with even 2 seats and go up to 12 comfortably. Higher than this is not commonly seen, but can be done by dividing the table into parts.

To ensure longevity of your dining table, make sure that it is wiped down after every meal. While placing hot items, place a mat underneath to avoid direct contact with the wood. Be aware of dragging vessels along the table, and of keeping wet vessels directly on the table surface.

Solid wood provides the best aesthetic value in our opinion. Other materials that can be used are composite boards such as plywood which are lower in cost and easier to maintain. Stone or marble is another option which is easy to clean and waterproof, as is glass.

The factors you should consider are the space available including circulation space, the style of the rest of the house and the material palette in the rest of the space.

Yes, we offer all types of customisation for dining tables.

We ensure quality by making sure we choose the best materials in terms of quality, completely dried and seasoned wood and use the power of engineering and skilled carpentry to ensure that the piece stays strong for years to come.

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