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The Houses department is our foray into the world of timber construction- with solutions for both holiday and permanent residences in solid wood. Clients can choose from a set of preexisting designs or choose to develop their own design with our team. Included within this department is also a section focusing on doors and windows. We use certified methods and materials following the European way of construction that is well documented.

Introducing wooden frame construction (WFC) which provides insulated cabins for residential, hospitality and commercial purposes. A flat pack cabin with prefabricated walls and roof. Easy installation and comfort- able construction process with the vision of minimum consequenceson the envirmonment.

Product Offering

Custom wood frame houses, tailored designs, and optional upgrades.

Inclusive Items

  • Production and assembly of all core construction components.
  • Production and assembly of all finishing materials.
  • Premium quality wood and hardware material
  • Plumbing, electrical and waterproofing services.
  • Water resistant membranes, sealant tapes & termite proof membranes from leading italian company, rothoblaas.
  • Site installation and labour of complete product.

Exclusive Items

  • Delivery (as site varies from client to client).
  • Plinth/foundation stone.
  • Doors and windows.
  • Electrical switch plates, lighting products and sanitary ware.
  • Air conditioning unit, centralised vacuum system.
  • Interior furniture.

Additional Options

  • Exposed roof rafters.​
  • Bay window extension.
  • Front porch deck with roof canopy.
  • Velux skylights, roof windows and sun tunnel skylight.
  • Pergola.


We specialize in various types of home, from structures to membranes.


The whole framework for walls, roof and flooring is made of high quality wood SPF(for construction) The structure is designed to withstand high wind and extreme weather conditions.


To ensure excellent housing comfort and superior performance, the cabins are carefully designed with 150mm thick insulation sandwiched between sheathing


The entire framework is wrapped with 18mm thick Oriented Strand Board (OSB) Sheets, which are light weight, strong, waterproof heat-cured adhesives and resistant to deflection,warping and distortion


The entire external surface of the cabin is covered with water proofing membranes and sealed with premium quality sealant/adhesive tapes.

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