Crafting Spaces: Design to Execution

Through the Interior department, works with other designers and architects to modify spaces and bring their architectural and interior design elements to life. The products taken care of under this department include installations, staircases, panelling and in-built furniture. The Design team works closely with the Architect/Designer to ensure that the integrity of the design is maintained. We take care of the process end-to-end, from the detailed drawings to the execution on site.

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Our Services

We provide a variety of services to meet your needs.



This is a collective thought process where we help our clients with our service to bring all their ideas together to curate a more meaningful and interesting space with all the furniture pieces and interiors.



We work with the architects, interior designers to create together. The process involves discussions, r&d and making prototypes. This helps us understand the space, material and functionality to create a language that guides the project.



Some of the custom design ideas revolve around the material and demand a certain level of control.We are able to meet this and make better choices with the raw materials, panel processing and the construction


To transform your dream into a reality; matter into a masterpiece


Elevate your spaces

Woodcrafting to transform spaces with exquisite craftsmanship

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