The aim of the school is to provide high quality training in the field of carpentry, joinery cabinet making and furniture design; to promote excellence in these fields. We want to create a new standard for the way woodworking is taught, and to provide certification to the people interested in pursuing this as a professions.


To provide high quality training in the field of carpentry, joinery and cabinet making, furniture design; to promote excellence in these fields.


There is a shortage of skilled workers in the area of Woodworking and Craftsmanship. Companies face the continuous problem of a lack of makers for their designs. The existing makers need to be updated on the skills in terms of new machinery, technology, and reading of drawings. Due to the lack of proper knowledge and understanding of the field of woodworking; there is less value to the makers and lack of technical qualification provided in this field- therefore there is less incentive and motivation for young students to pursue this as a profession.


To create an ecosystem that trains both prospective and experienced makers in both the theoretical and practical aspect of the field, to create strong working professionals that can contribute greatly to the diminishing field of the arts. The most valued addition is that we have a framework and curriculum, which is most lacking in this sector. Together, with FFSC and Skill India, we propose to train and certify makers.

Why Now

There is a design boom in India, with the recognition of art and artisans, and a dwindling number of practitioners. The lack of structured training in these fields is evident. With the rising demand for products in the country, it is essential now more than ever, to have makers that are well educated and trained in this field in order to bring the society forward.



(Can be opted for personally or sponsored by the company)

Advancement from a Senior carpenter to a Manager is taught in this program. The candidates are taught to assess drawings, timelines, handle material requests, aspects of production planning, managing documentation, co-ordination of various departments. At the end the candidate will be able to manage a small-to-mid level factory set-up.


(400 hours theory; extendable. Practicals can be added at a minimum of 100 hours)

A course with an introduction to furniture using solid wood, engineered wood and veneer; as well as cabinet making. Candidates will be taught how to construct furniture, think about structural stability and how to detail drawings. Principles of geometry, tracing, scale and proportion will be taught which will form a solid foundation for a Master’s in Interior/Furniture Design


At BWS, we believe in the principle of skill sharing to propagate knowledge and enable individuals to create on their own using carpentry techniques. As the base, we offer a one-week woodworking program as an induction into the field of woodworking. Individuals work alongside our carpenters and get to practise carpentry with skilled guidance in a safe environment. The training includes two woodworking exercises which you will be able to take home.


BWS offers continuous training for employees of other organisations. This continuous training is a system of training for 2 weeks every 8 weeks; for an overall period of two years. A shorter version of the program would be for one year. This program upskills employees of other companies to have better processes, learn how to read drawings better, make prototypes, refine joinery and minimise the time they take for each piece. As a part of the training, the employees will be taught with regard to pieces of the company they are from, so that the learning can directly benefit the company.

PER PROJECT (all levels of skill)

For those who have a background in carpentry or have done the BWS Induction course/basic woodworking course from other organisations, we offer our space to be used as a MakerSpace. Our team is available to guide you and help you resolve your design technically and to assist you in the execution of the design. The wood and miscellaneous material charges would be as per actuals for these projects.

High quality training

In carpentry, joinery and cabinet making, furniture design; to promote excellence in these fields

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