We at Woodcrafting.in aim to design, prototype and manufacture high quality solid wood furniture. Set up in Mysore, we are a studio that believes in the fair growth of all of our contemporaries; and in working together to create high quality wooden masterpieces, while providing an experience that is worth remembering. We believe in transparency, and work on trust as the base for every transaction we make and the communication we share. Woodcrafting.in is a company with mixed principles, generations, culture and a strong language barrier that is bridged by a shared enthusiasm in the field of design and making


From the forest to your home, each step is overseen by one of the professionals from our team. To transform your dream into a reality; matter into a masterpiece. The art of woodcrafting; from hand-controlled chiselling to computer-numerical-control (CNC) techniques we will choose the most coherent method forward for your project. This art of woodcrafting we follow was formulated by our founder Bram Rouws, vetted by the Compagnon - an exclusive guild of artisans in France


Innovation | conservation | sustainable development | education

As an artisanal workshop, our priority has always been to ensure that each piece that leaves our workshop is crafted to the best of our ability; with the principles of carpentry strictly adhered to and innovation in the engineering and craftsmanship that ensure that our art keeps up with the times. Each new carpenter who we recruit brings their own skill to the table. We have lathe specialists, carvers, roofers, polishers, third generation carpenters; we take each skill and hone it with Bram’s expertise in the industry. Woodcrafting.in envisions itself as an agency for design that is rooted in the solid wood industry in India. A company based on the principles of fair trade and sustainable development, with the intention of reducing our impact on the environment but to also empower our partner artisans, designers and vendors and promote the growth of our contemporaries. As a young, conscious and motivated team with a unique company module, we aspire to play an active role in the integration of holistic design into the woodworking sector


We firmly believe that it is not only about the skills, it is about all the ingredients that go into the making of a masterpiece. We are always honoured to be commissioned by our clients. By choosing us, you choose a team that is passionate about the work they do, about giving back to the profession and making a lasting impression.

In design

We design products that last longer as opposed to being seasonal. We believe in making things that are relevant, in looking at furniture as an asset; an art piece that can be passed on from one generation to another.

The chain

From the forest from which your wood is sourced until the end product, we follow every step of the chain and ensure that we have control over the process to provide transparency to our clients.

As a seller, we represent all our vendors as well, and we work with them based on trust and have long lasting relationships. We always remunerate them fairly and understand the value of every trade that contributes to our design.

We believe in the fair growth of our contemporaries, and in collaboration over competition.

The customers can, at any time, follow the process of their order; the first sketch, costing, the manufacturing process, the finishing and the installation.

Design Ideology

Communication + Translation is key.

We need to transform an idea or concept into reality, and that is where we believe that our process holds us in good stead. Each product goes through rigourous inspection; through a process of breaking it down into the tiniest details through 3d models and drawings that helps us wrap it all up into a final product. What we have learnt through collaborating and being the makers for multiple designers is that almost any design can see light and we hope to share this skill with a much larger audience in the future.

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