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Woodcrafting is one of the oldest forms of art in our world. Over time, woodcrafting has evolved to keep up with the current needs of the world. What started out as a purely utilitarian craft has now become an art form that has varying styles all over the world. India, in particular, has a long and deep rooted tradition of woodcrafting. The tradition and knowledge is passed down through the generations and most states have communities of carpenters that have honed their craft over centuries. emerged as a vision of our founder Bram Rouws, merging the best of the Indian Woodcrafting tradition with the techniques and tools used in France. When looking at the making of traditional solid wood furniture In India, we see how the carpenters’ knowledge is passed down through families and learning takes place through doing. In France there is an extensive training ecosystem that is present, and processes followed to ensure the highest quality in workmanship. With these two traditions combined, we have an intersection of craft and technology that produces quality wood furniture that pushes boundaries.

Solid wood furniture has long since been considered a luxury, and the wealth of the family that owned the furniture was measured in the amount of craftsmanship that has gone into the piece. Luxury wooden furniture in India was equated to intricately carved pieces, abundance of marquetry and the use of exotic species – the most prestigious of which was Rosewood. In this day and age, the practice has changed slightly, and while solid wood furniture is still an aspiration, we see people looking more and more to buy solid wood furniture online. We understand the apprehension that can sometimes go with ordering a piece of furniture online, and we like to tell our clients that we will provide as much assurance that is required that our furniture is made to last. We believe that a piece of furniture should be an investment – something that is timeless and stays with you for generations. Our crafting techniques, along with the use of good engineering practices and the highest quality wood, ensure that the furniture is built to last. With the practices of sustainable forestry, solid wood furniture is also a better choice to other materials. Wood stores carbon for the entirety of its lifespan; even when trees are cut and the wood is converted into furniture, the carbon remains stored. 

At, we also believe in design that is rooted in principles that have been followed since the start of the craft. We ensure that we follow good proportions, and standards set by the pioneers of the trade, while still pushing the boundaries to achieve superior quality. Our first collection of furniture was the Ratio Collection, a set of three chairs inspired by the three Orders – Doric, Ionic and Corinthian – along with a Ratio table. Since we started in 2017 we have designed over 1000 pieces of furniture ranging from sofas to armchairs to speciality seating; cabinets and dining tables, bar counters, TV units and a whole lot more. We have different ranges of furniture that suit different budgets, and in the past year have expanded so that we can cater to a wider audience that can access high quality solid wood furniture.

With all of this in mind, we invite you to go through our diverse catalogue and to reach out to us for any requirements you have for solid wood furniture. 


Depending on your requirement, you can use either hardwoods or softwoods for your furniture. At we use imported species sourced from sustainable forests in Europe, Canada and America. We also use reclaimed teak from old Indian homes.

Solid wood furniture is usually very heavy, as most long lasting species have high density and therefore higher weight. There are some other species like Red Cedar, for example, that are surprisingly light. It is all about the density of the species.

With good care and maintenance, solid wood furniture can last hundreds of years as long as it is not exposed to harsh weather conditions like excess sunlight and excess moisture.

We would say it is a hundred percent worthy investment to buy solid wood furniture to add warmth into your home and to also have a piece of furniture that you will not have to replace for generations to come.

Our unique engineering practices that combine our founder Bram’s knowledge along with the skill of our team, along with a dedicated team that prioritises quality over everything else. manufactures the whole range of solid wood furniture; from chairs to tables, sofas to cabinets, beds, side tables and everything in between.

We use good quality, well dried wood that reduces movement over time, and quality engineering and crafting techniques that ensure your piece will be preserved in that capacity.

You can get in touch with our team on or call us at 8884455658.

You can get in touch with our team on or call us at 8884455658.

We have a gallery and showroom space in our factory on the Mysore-Hunsuru road. We also have selected pieces on display at Studio Hunsur in Hyderabad.


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