Luxury Wooden Chairs for Home

Chairs are arguably one of the most important types of furniture, be it in a residential space or a commercial one. Within the spectrum, solid wood chairs are one of the hardest pieces of furniture to design and to make successfully. As a design and build woodcrafting studio, we pride ourselves in being able to design all styles of chairs, to fit contemporary interiors and ranging all levels of luxury. We design chairs with strong principles of proportion maintained, where the comfort of the chair is the key factor.

Buying wooden chairs online can be challenging when one is not sure of the comfort of the chair. This is where our experience comes into the picture, having designed a wide range of chairs; from lounge chairs to dining chairs to statement chairs. In our pure wood designs, we make multiple iterations to ensure that the chair is moulded to fit the requirements of the human body. One of our bestselling pieces is Taro – a chair made entirely in solid wood using principles of parametric construction. The seat of the chair forms a comfortable base and the backrest is shaped to follow the curves of your back. The armrest flows from the backrest into an organic shape that flows into the base.

Another one of our bestselling chairs – the Le Dejeuner chair – is a more adaptable design, using simple and clean lines that are reminiscent of chairs that we have seen in older houses. The upholstery on the seat and back can be customised to fit the space and the mood, and also provides resting comfort for even longer periods of sitting. Some of our other adaptable designs are the Hans Wegner chair and the Pierre Jeanneret chair, which are adaptations of the classics.

It becomes important to choose the right chair according to the interiors of your space, and in this regard we can assist you with a wide variety of options to choose from. Chairs can be used to accent a space or to merge into the rest of the interiors and it is a misunderstood concept that a chair cannot be both comfortable and aesthetic. It is an art to craft chairs that are both beautiful and comfortable, and we take great pride in using the best engineering tactics to ensure longevity of your purchase. When bought in this manner, a solid wood chair is a great investment and a sustainable one in regard to the amount of time that a good chair can serve you. 

Solid wood chairs are also weather resistant, when the quality of the wood used is good. We source our timber from sustainable forests that have an FSC certification. This ensures that the process is a bit more sustainable, and the trees are replanted every time they are cut. The wood from these sources is also well seasoned, providing assurance that the quality will be good and that it will weather time and conditions well.


Wooden chairs require little to no maintenance. They can be wiped with a clean and soft cloth when dusty. Once a year, it can be re oiled to keep it moisturised.

At, we use mostly FSC certified wood. Our most common species are White Oak, Red Oak, Ash and Reclaimed Teak.

Wooden chairs can be very comfortable when designed correctly and designed with anthropometry in mind. One can always add an upholstered seat or backrest, or use a more flexible material like cane weave to enhance comfort.

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