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Woodcrafting.in is named after the art of creating designs from wood; manipulating the material through engineering and through keen design to create forms that inspire a feeling of awe when looked at. The art of woodcrafting manifests itself physically in what can be called Designer Furniture. This type of furniture stands apart in terms of its design, often much more elaborate in terms of form or intricate in terms of detailing. This kind of exclusive furniture has a niche market that we are now trying to make more accessible through smart design and engineering. The warmth and quality of wood infused in each piece of furniture is magical. From its sophisticated designs and allure of beauty, Woodcrafting has showcased a diverse range of designs that cater to unique customers according to taste and preferences.

Our first pieces of Designer furniture were inspired by organic forms and were constructed in parametric profiles stacked on top of each other. While these forms suit a certain kind of aesthetic where furniture is treated as art, it is not always versatile to use in any household. For versatility, we add accents of other materials in the wood furniture design: brass and cane weave are common options at Woodcrafting.in. We also use textures to create a unique feel to our pieces. Over the years, we have perfected the art of creating exclusive furniture for our clients, using a combination of old craftsmanship techniques with smart engineering and innovative use of materials, accents, and colours. We have created over 200 exclusive designs over this time, uniquely tailored to our client needs or to create a Masterpiece that showcases our strengths as Craftsmen. We choose to experiment mainly with wood as it also follows a principle of sustainability, and we can control how we source the material to ensure that our traceability is always maintained. The versatile craftsmanship allows our artisans to carve, and mold each piece of wood furniture design into a stunning creation. Crafted to perfection Woodcrafting works on minute details with dedication and passion to highlight the sustainability and versatility of artisans. We make sure to bring a harmonious relationship with nature while crafting our exclusive furniture, designer furniture, and new furniture design. 

A lot of our Designer furniture is designed for the living room because this is an area where clients like to make the most impact in terms of furniture in the room. A single designer piece can change the entire look of a space, adding elements like contrast, texture, and an element that pulls and centers attention to it. One common piece that is used as an accent like this is a chair. This can be a single armchair or a lounger that is a unique shape. These lounge chairs are something we specialise in at Woodcrafting.in. A few of our bestselling designer chairs are Taro – a rustic solid wood armchair and Petal – a large lounger that can also be used as an outdoor chair. We also have our best-selling designer dining set – the Olly table, Olly bench and Arkea chairs. 

Styles in the furniture design industry are constantly evolving, and Designers strive to create new pieces that keep with the times while remaining classic. This balance is something that we try to achieve with our designs at Woodcrafting.in. We believe that a piece of Designer furniture is an investment and that it should be something that can be passed on through the family and last for generations. If you are ready to bring a change in your home decor and eager to enhance the beauty of your home then try a custom furniture design, solid wood sofa design, or solid wood furniture design. Our designs are timeless and can fit in most spaces, having elements that blend with every style and yet stand out. This balance is what we have developed over the years, with the skill of our team of Designers guided by the experience of our founder Bram. We encourage you to check out our extensive range of new furniture designs, as furniture and design go hand in hand explore our website to see designer furniture for yourselves!


New design furniture can be expensive sometimes, but we have the skill to design to try and fit the budget of the client where possible.

Designer furniture tends to fit your space better and look like it is a part of the space rather than an external one that is trying to fit in. It leads to better design coherence and a sense of completeness.

Our unique crafting and engineering techniques combined with our design sense honed by years of experience make Woodcrafting.in unique in the world of furniture. Visit our website and explore our uniquely crafted pieces of custom furniture design, exclusive furniture, solid wood furniture, and new furniture design.

We specialise in any kind of solid wood furniture, for living areas, dining areas, bedroom and office furniture, designer furniture, and exclusive furniture.

Yes, we have both residential and commercial furniture. You can reach out to us for large-scale orders and for B2B orders at info@woodcraftingstudio.in.

We update our catalogue every year with our new designs. Wood furniture design.

We use high-quality timber which is dried and treated against pests and insects. This wood also has less movement which ensures the pieces stay steady for longer periods of time.

You can reach out to us at info@woodcraftingstudio.in. and explore our unique furniture and design.

You can reach out to us at info@woodcraftingstudio.in. and explore our new furniture design.

We have a gallery space at our studio in Mysore, Karnataka. You can find the location on Google under Bram Woodcrafting Studio. Explore our custom furniture design, solid wood sofa design, and solid wood furniture design.


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