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Wall cladding for the interiors of a home has long since been a way of ornamenting the walls while providing warmth to the space. For most of us, wall cladding is reminiscent of an older form of construction and one that is richer in terms of feel. Wall cladding for interiors is a great way to tie together the interiors in terms of style. 

The advantage with designing custom wall cladding is that it is easy to integrate with any functions you would like to provide in a space. For example, a living room wall is a good wall to use cladding for, while the wiring for the TV unit can be hidden and the niche can be integrated into the design. Wood is also a good insulating material and keeps the interiors of the space temperature controlled. In the current context, it is easy to design wall cladding from the various options available in the market. Working with a custom design studio like us at, you can also have custom profiles and textures that bring life into your space and introduce breaks in the design language. Wood cladding is also very easy to mix with other styles of wall ornamentation like wallpaper, paints, mirrors, and lends itself to any style of interior design. 

Interior wall cladding can also be used to highlight a certain space, to add sculptural elements to an otherwise plain space, or to provide that one contrasting wall to the rest of the house. It is an important tool for an Interior designer to control the user experience in a space. 

If one thinks that the language of the interior is limited when it comes to wood cladding, it is no longer true. Wood house interiors can also be stained in a variety of colours in a way that the beauty of the grains still stand out while bringing in freshness in terms of the colours chosen. In addition to this, wood classing can also be enhanced with the usage of complementary materials like brass, rattan, glass. 

The maintenance for interior wall cladding is also minimal. Cladding can be cleaned without the help of any agents with a soft brush or wiped with a damp cloth. When the wood is well treated and dried, as it is at, the wood is strong against insects. 

Another big advantage of wall cladding is the ease of installation. The manufacture of wall cladding is an easy process in any workshop, and installing on site can be done fast as well. It is easy to design, easy to manufacture and easy to install, and really one of the nicest ways in which you can add design into your space. 

In conclusion, we recommend wall cladding for interiors as a way to liven up your space and to complement the furniture. Due to the scaleable nature of wall cladding, there are no restrictions and you can use it in multiple shapes, patterns, colours and textures to create the kind of design you feel will enhance your space. At, you can choose from our readymade panels for your wall cladding, give us your custom design that we can make for you, or even ask us to custom design a cladding for you that will suit your requirements.


Wall cladding is an extra layer that is applied on the wall, usually in wood, mdf or a wood composite material, that adds to a space in terms of style, colour or texture. Wood cladding is essential in a space because it provides a big design impact from the surface it covers, and can tie entire designs together and create harmony.

The main purpose of cladding is to beautify and enhance the design language of a space. In addition to this it also has insulating properties that help in temperature regulation of a space.’s wall cladding ranges from solid wood panels to any material the client desires, making it versatile. In addition to that, the skill of our team ensures that any design can be made at our workshop and installed on site.

The advantages of wall cladding is the choosing of superior quality materials and superior skill to ensure that products are long lasting and impactful.

Yes, wooden wall cladding can be used in both indoor and outdoor spaces according to the need of the client.

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