Wooden House Interior

Wood has long since been one of the most preferred materials to use in home interiors. The material is versatile and brings warmth into the space. Wooden furniture adds a natural aesthetics and adds a classy touch to the interiors that never goes out of style. Wooden house interior design can not only be crafted in versatile designs but simultaneously offers durability, and sustainability to the user. Additionally, wood’s inherent strength and resilience make it a long-lasting investment that ages gracefully, adding character and charm to your home or office.

Furthermore, wooden furniture is environmentally friendly, as it is often sourced from renewable forests that can be recycled again and again during their life span. Wooden house interior can be designed and made in any style that one can wish for, with varying species of wood available to achieve different effects in the space. In a wooden house interior, there can be many ways in which to ensure that the design and the construction reflect the way the owner would want the space to feel. We at Woodcrafting.in offer various designs along with customisation as per the customer’s wish.

At Woodcrafting.in, we have always given preference to wood home interior design. While it is expensive to make the entire home interior in wood, there are various benefits such as warmth, sustainability, durability, and customisability. Wood as a material also stores carbon, and this is an added factor in making a wood house interior design more livable and the environment more comfortable for the occupants. The first project we ever did was a TV wall unit called Mohla or The Wave: a parametric installation made in sheets of wood, fixed onto the wall. In the early years, we did several smaller installations as part of wood house interiors, such as platform beds, wardrobe walls, and flooring. In 2021, we also started a solid wood interiors department, which focuses on the end-to-end delivery of wood design house interiors for clients. The clients can either be homeowners themselves, or architects of the homeowners.

Having the experience of a team of architects along with furniture designers and master craftsmen, Woodcrafting.in is able to provide the service of helping you with home wood interior designs and circulation flow as well as designing the pieces themselves. In each room, it is important to understand the functionality and the size constraints and place the furniture according to those factors. Once this space is organised and designed, the specifications of sizes are put into the furniture. This is according to the standards of anthropometry and according to the utility that each client needs. Once this is done, we design the furniture in terms of style; be it modern, or with an antique touch, ornamental or minimal. We can design any style of wooden house interior.

In terms of materials, for home wood interior, we use a combination of solid wood and play with veneer applied onto it. The veneer is basically a thin layer of wood, and from the outside has the appearance of solid wood. In addition to this, we also, according to design, using MDF of HDF in cases where there are ornamental details that need to be executed in certain colours. We use metal, stone, and glass to accent the wood depending on the design of the interior and what the client would like.

All of the wood design house interiors are built as per measurement in our factory in Mysore, and installed on your site by our team of highly skilled professionals. We make sure that the process is as seamless for you as possible, and that you are left with wooden interior design that fits the needs of your home perfectly. We have a system in place to ensure that our work is done to the highest quality.

With all of these offerings, Woodcrafting.in has the capacity to take on the design and production of wooden house interiors of varying scales. We have expertise in solid wood furniture and offer modern yet chic designs in solid wood sofa sets, solid wood dining tables, solid wood coffee tables, and many more. Each wooden furniture piece is a fine example of craftsmanship that you can experience. Allow us to be part of your home decor journey and see the magic we create through our artistic wooden furniture pieces.

We encourage you to reach out to us at info@woodcraftingstudio.in to find out more information and to see what we are able to achieve.


We offer our clients the Interior Design and manufacture for any kind of space - residential or commercial as required.

Yes, we offer custom interior designs apart from our catalogue designs.

We specialise in solid wood interior designs, but we can also work with a combination of metal, stone, and wood, and also use boards like plywood, MDF, and HDF.

Yes, Woodcrafting.in can handle different types of interior design projects

At Woodcrafting.in, all our interior design is manufactured in-house and monitored by the entire design team as well as our Founder, Bram Rouws, which maintains quality at every step.


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