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The Dimension Collective is a group of Designers, Architects,Craftsmen, Artists and Makers who are united by the common values of collaboration over competition, to create products and experiences of lasting value. The Collective is the formal extension of a Network that has been in existence since 2017, that has been sharing information, resources and knowledge informally.

Dimension is a multidisciplinary network of menteesand mentors. It is a platform for achitects, artists,makers and designers meant to reproduce acooperative space reminiscent of ancient guilds.Translated in today’s world, this forms a strong networkacross disciples spanning the width of the country,accepting each individual and art as that of a labourof lovewith excellence as a focal point. This networkensures that each individual evolves with the safetynet of help and assistance that the network provides.


The training programme connects mentees and mentors, trainees, interns and masters through skills with or for travelling through the network.


The goal with the Collective is to create a strong network that grows through combining forces and creates Interiors and Spaces together.


The community that created through exchanges of skills between mentees and metors under helpo and assistance.


This place is for anyone who wishes to materialise and complete an individual project in a professvional setting.


Dimension is a co-working space, next to a woodcrafting studio, where our professional and dynamic working team helps you realize your individual projects.

This freely accessible space of communication and shared knowledge is equipped with professional tools and machines which allow you to realize your personal or professional projects by yourself or with our guidance.

This space is meant to be conducive to creation and construction so that you can find your dimension. It is for anyone who wishes to materialize an individualized project in a professional setting with the intention of completing his or her project, acquire some knowledge and benefit from this shared space.


Our team of professionals is happy to share with you their expertise in the various fields of woodcrafting and other materials, in manual and machine work.


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